Everyone is entitled to free representation at the police station irrespective of their means. Therefore as the holder of a Legal Aid contract, Evans Hayes Burnell Solicitors will always be able to represent you free of charge at the police station no matter what your income and no matter what the allegation is.

However legal aid applies differently in the courts, and although it is widely available for the vast majority of our clients, it is both means and merits tested. You will therefore only qualify for legal aid if your income is below a specified level and the offence with which you have been charged is sufficiently serious. You should therefore contact us immediately upon receiving a date to attend court so that we can assess your eligibility for legal aid.

If you are not eligible for legal aid, Evans Hayes Burnell Solicitors will still be able to represent you at court on a private paying basis and we offer a range of highly competitive fixed fees and hourly rates. 

For example for motoring matters in the Magistrates Court where legal aid is less readily available, we are able to represent clients in relation to most guilty pleas for £250 plus VAT and most not guilty pleas resulting in a standard half day trial for £750 plus VAT. Please note that these figures are not only exclusive of VAT, but are also exclusive of any disbursements that may need to be incurred such as the obtaining of experts reports or other necessary expenses. 

For those who require representation at Mental Health Tribunals, legal aid is readily available in most cases. If you are held at a mental health hospital and require representation at a tribunal then legal aid will be granted irrespective of your means. For other mental health related matters, legal aid is often available, but will sometimes depend on your means. Therefore if you do wish for any advice or representation in relation to any aspect of the Mental Health Act, please contact us immediately.  

You should not hesitate to contact one of the team if you wish to discuss your eligibility for legal aid or our private costs in more detail.